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  • We are home cleaning professionals aiming to provide the highest quality house cleaning by tailoring our services to your home and your lifestyle.

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  • We provide a reliable, thorough and professional cleaning service to a range of establishments and we ensure a clean, fresh, hygienic environment for you, your customers and employees.

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  • We remove all the rubbish, junk, debris, clutter, possessions and waste that you have inside or outside a premises then we deep clean the whole property

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  • Our company is dedicated to providing specialized cleaning solutions for hard floors, particularly tile and grout surfaces

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  • Our team of professional cleaners can help you clean and degrease your kitchen equipment, flooring and more

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  • We are committed to be a trusted commercial cleaning company, delivering total client satisfactions with service quality and reliability.

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  • 1) The housekeeper and other person will manage the cleaning work as the instruction given by you from time to time.
  • 2) Our area officer will visits to your sites, to enable him to check the Complaint books and ensure smooth running of services.
  • 3) Complaints if any received against housekeeper person will be looked into Promptly, the suitable and corrective action will be taken.
  • 4) We will submit our monthly bills on 1St day of every month and you will make the payment within 5 days.
  • 5) No loan or cash is to be given to any of our staff under any condition. If you do so, you will do it at your responsible. Please do not ask for refund.
  • 6) Further we would like to inform you that our staff will not be a member of any Union or your organization.
  • 7) In case service provided by us not satisfied to you than you will terminate our Services giving notice one month before.
  • 8) After termination of my services you will not hire of my employee.
  • 9) Weakly holiday compulsory.
  • 10) 10% Agency charge will be extra on the bill amount.
  • 11) G.S.T. as per rule.
  • 12) Weakly holiday compulsory for housekeeping.